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We incorporate Energy Efficient solutions for Solar Installations and by the way, we reduce the cost of Solar installation up to 70%. That is the secret of Samsun Solar’s Growth. Effective Design, Innovative Approaches, Higher Quality Components incorporated as a Solar Power Generation System and effective post sale service make, Samsun Solar Installations of the Highest Class.

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Our Services

Samsun Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pump system for residential and commercial uses, as well as for irrigation of agricultural land.


Samsun Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters use natural sun light to
heat water.


Samsun Solar On/Off Grid, Home & Street Lighting System

Home, Solar street lights or solar garden lights



Power your Home with Solar?

There are Cost Effective ways to Produce Solar Power

System Design

Design the System with most accurate inputs and in a cost effect way. We assist with the most promising outputs.

Energy Efficient Devices

There are Energy Efficient Appliances available in the market. You can use a 7 W LED Bulb in the place of a 40 W Incandescent bulb or in the place of a 23 W CFL bulb. Similarly, AC’s taking max. 900 W, Fridge taking 90 W, Fans taking 28 W and Grinders taking max. 90 W are available in the market. We incorporate these devices in to the system and make the system costing 70% lesser than the conventional one

Energy Efficient Solar Power System

When we incorporate these Energy Efficient Devices in to the system, the Solar power generation system becomes more energy efficient and provides power for round the clock and the whole year. We are there to assist you on every aspect of Solar Energy.

Samsun Solar Manalmedu 5 HP Solar Pumpset

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